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Essex match away at Romford 23rd June
We were fortunate that for our fixture at Romford , we had a warm dry sunny day. The James Braid course was interesting and very tricky in places( lots of places!).
We played 4 ball better ball with 2 players from each society in each team.
I’m delighted to say our lady president’s team won and there was a plant presented to each member of the winning team and a sleeve of balls to each member of the runners up.
We had struggled to make up a full team but the valiant 10 HLGCS ladies had an enjoyable day 



 Home Match v Bucks at Hadley Wood  15th May

here were 8 teams with the best two scores to count. Jackie was the starter. It was very close with just a few points difference.
The results were as follows:
1st- Lesley Carter
        Jan Olson- Williams 
        Jackie Taylor(Bucks)
All the ladies enjoyed the day. Thanks to Hadley Wood for hosting and providing a lovely buffet.

Match v Bedfordshire Lady Captains Society on Monday 1st August 2022

We had our third friendly game at South Beds on 1st August where we once again played in teams of 4. The winning ladies were Jan Olson-Williams and Gerry Grant from Herts and Anne McGregor and Sandra Gardner from Beds with a terrific score of 129 (best 3 scores to count). It was a most enjoyable day and yet again a good ‘bonding’ format.  Our final game of the season is on 22nd August at Letchworth where we will once again be using the same format.

Can I just make a plea that, if you find that you are unable to play having signed up, you contact the organiser as soon as possible.  We had many ladies drop out for various reasons and finally got our full quota on the day before.  Many thanks to those of you who stepped in at the eleventh hour!

Match v Cambs and Hunts Lady Captains Society on Monday 22nd August

Our final friendly game of the season was held at Letchworth on 22nd August where, once again, we played as a team which has proved, both with the Herts ladies and our opposite numbers, to be a popular format.  The weather was kind to us, the company wonderful, the staff attentive and the food superb.  The winning four were Deb Osman, Lorraine Charles, Edie Robinson and Sue Kent.

My thanks to Cambs and Hunts and also to all the ladies who have played in these friendly matches throughout the season, many of whom have stood in at the very last minute.

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