Weren’t we lucky! After weeks of dry weather we had another lovely warm sunny day on Monday for the Spring Meeting at West Herts, quite unlike the following day when we had a downpour of biblical proportions in the middle of our Spring Meeting at home on the Tuesday!

       A 9.40 start on a Monday at West Herts is less than ideal, and certainly led to some exciting adventures. Some players taking a slight detour via parts of London, some a circular tour of Watford and some having spent as long in the car as it would have taken to fly to Spain!

      My apologies to those of you who had such an early start but the original plan for a 12.30 tee had to be changed when 112 ladies sign up to play. West Herts Golf Club responded brilliantly and offered us a four tee start to enable all to be accommodated, so my sincere thanks on behalf of all of us go to the staff and the members for what must have been significant disruption to their plans.

     My personal thanks also to my long-standing friend Ruth Brown, a West Herts member, who enlisted the help of a number of other club members as starters, at the registration desk and at the halfway house.

     The course was presented in excellent condition with some excellent scores posted. We enjoyed a lovely buffet meal, although the early start and long day must have created real appetites and my apologies to those of you at the end of the field if your choice was a little more limited. 

   Through the raffle we raised a total of £328 for Macmillan Cancer Support so thank you to all of you who bought tickets. 

    I have received lots of compliments about the day and the consensus appeared to be that the changes we have made to the running of the day were welcomed. We are committed to trying different approaches to keep your society relevant to the members so I would be interested to hear comments from anyone.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Summer Meeting on Monday 4th July at Letchworth.

Sarah Brookes


Spring Meeting May 9th 2022 held at West Herts Golf Club 

Spring Meeting 2022 winners of Brookmans Bowl.jpg

Winners of the Brookmans Bowl

Jackie Lagergren, Ann Spencer, Jan Burrows and Sheila Bowden all from Hadley Wood Golf Club

Full results

N/P 9th                (20 & above)                Brickenden Grange             Alison Ellis

N/P 16th              (19 and below)             Verulam                                Mo Rowe


Best Back 9          Verulam                       Chris Campbell                     53 pts                          

                              Verulam                       Mo Rowe

                              Verulam                       Sarah Staines

                              Verulam                       Ann Havard

Best Front 9       Essenden                     Georgina Horay                    68 pts       

                            Essenden                     Jane Simpson

                            E Herts                         Lynn Dundas

                            E Herts                         Julie Button

4th Place            Hertfordshire               Suzanne Carey                     115 pts      

                            W Herts                       Doreen Stonebridge

                            Hadley Wood             Susan Barnes

                            Hadley Wood             Sue Summers

3rd Place           W Herts                       Carolyn Andrews                  117 pts c/b          (52 on back 9)

                           W Herts                       Teresa Wright

                           W Herts                       Teresa Bovington                  

                           W Herts                       Shirley Hoggarth

2nd Place           Brickenden                  Shelagh Wilson                     117pts c/b          (55 on back 9)

                            Brickenden                  Anita Marques             

                            Brickenden                  Alison Ellis                            

                            Brickenden                  Dee Martin

Winners             Hadley Wood               Jackie Lagergren                  119pts       

                           Hadley Wood               Ann Spencer

                           Hadley Wood               Jan Burrows

                           Hadley Wood               Shelia Bowden