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     Spring Meeting & President’s Lunch 22nd April 2024 : Brickendon Golf Club

The President’s lunch was hosted by Barbara Cooke for 15 ladies, some of whom had driven many miles and all had an enjoyable, chatty lunch.

The Spring Meeting saw a field of 64 golfers face quite a challenge; it was a chilly day, the greens were running fast and the scores reflected the difficulty of the course set up.

Captain Sue organised a putting competition aimed at raising awareness of the difficulties caused by various eyesight disorders and to raise funds for the charity Herts Vision Loss. The raffle and competition raised over £300 due to the fine generosity of our ladies. After play we all enjoyed a very welcome and tasty dinner with lots of conversation.

The prize giving ended the event with the following results :

                        1st PLACE:   Sue Roberts Knebworth GC
                                               Brenda Smith
                                              Jane Ritchie
                                              Deirdre Wisdom
                        2nd PLACE: Georgina Horey Essendon GC
                                              Jane Simpson
                                              Suzanne Carey The Hertfordshire GC
                                              Linda Wilebore
                         3rd PLACE: Christine Hutchings. Harpenden Common GC
                                              Ann Warner. Knebworth GC
                                             Sandra Moses 
                                             Beryl Warman

                        FRONT 9:    Jackie Lagergren Hadley Wood GC
                                             Sheila Bowden

                                             Jan Burrows
                                             Ann Spencer

                       BACK 9:       Val Morrison. Brickendon GC

                                            Sue Brown
                                            Caren Wilson
                                            Dee Martin


                       Nearest the pin 7th hole:      Geraldine Gillam. East Herts GC
                       Nearest the pin 13th hole :   Deirdre Wisdom Knebworth GC


Our thanks go to all Brickendon staff for providing a fine venue for our Spring Meeting, and to Sue and her committee for their organisation of the day.
We look forward to our next get together at Staverton Park in early June.

                                                       Di Tass Vice Captain

spring 1.jpg
spring 2.jpg

Captain's Away Break at Greetham Valley 2023

41 ladies drove to Greetham Valley for our annual away break, some arriving the night before to check out the greens!  

Monday 5th June was President’s Day.  Judith had organised the cards.  It was a team game, one scoring on the par 5's, two on the 4's and three on the 3's.  We had lots of prizes, two NP which were both won by Liz Sargent!  

Tuesday 6th was Captain’s day.  Again team games; two scores on par4's and 5's, and all scores on the par 3's.  The first day we played the Lakes Course, the second day the Valley and we all decided that they should be renamed as the Valley has more water!  

The weather was chilly, but the atmosphere was warm.  There were lots of smiling faces and it was lovely to see people mixing and making new friends.  

On the Wednesday some ladies played nine holes before setting off home.  Those who left would have been disappointed as the weather got slowly warmer!  

I had lots of help from Judith and Geraldine our local expert, and Sue Burbidge made sure we stayed within our allocation of wine.  

Thank you ladies for being so positive and generous with your comments and for the gift !

Some of the ladies at Greetham Valley 

unfortunately some ladies had gone home before I got the photo

Winners Presidents Day

President Judith Elborn 


Captain Jackie Lagergren

Liz Sargent with Judith

Winner of Both Nearest the Pin prizes

Winners Captain's Day

Spring Meeting 22nd May 2023, held at The Club at Mill Green 

(Presidents Lunch report under News)

 The Spring meeting was attended by 72 ladies from 15 different clubs

It was a glorious Spring day and the course was in beautiful condition


Winners of the Brookmans Bowl with 116 points 

Anne Westcough, Debbie Barnes, Debbie McLoughlin and Genny Hill from Mill Green


2nd Place  110 points 

Jackie Lagergren, Sheila Bowden, Ann Spencer and Jan Burrows from Hadley Wood

3rd Place 109 points

Janet Rutter, Sue Devine, Val Morrison and Sue Brown from Brickendon Grange

Best Front 9 with 56 points 

Sue Roberts, Carol Goldie, Deirdre Wisdom and Jane Ritchie from Knebworth

Best Back 9 with 56 points

Simmi Ciccone, Anne Kapoorl, Gill Loftus and Sue Barnes from Hadley Wood

Nearest the pin 6th  Anne Westcough from Mill Green

Nearest the pin 14th Simmi Ciccone from Hadley Wood

Winners of the Brookmans Bowl                                       Nearest the Pin 14th                     Nearest the Pin 6th

2023 - Spring Meeting - 1st Place__ v2.jpg
2023 -  Nearest the  Pin on 14th.jpg
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